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Roblox is an amazing game that provides an online game creation platform to its users.  On this platform, you can play your own games or other player’s games with full creativity. For that, you need Roblox Song Ids to add music to your gameplay. The different soundtracks and music effects will make the gameplay more creative and entertaining. It is a bit of a fun thing and we have millions of Roblox Music Codes in our database.

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These music codes & sound effects will help to develop more engagement in the gameplays. The developers always searching for real and working Roblox music ids. So, we took a step and create this platform. If you are, a game developer and searching for the Roblox Ids then check on our website. Today we will further guide you about these ids, how you can find and use them in the game. Also, the upload complete procedure with audio configuration explained! So stay with us!

Roblox Song Ids

Roblox Song Ids

Let me tell you what are these Roblox Songs ids and why Roblox users always searching for them. As you know, people need music and different sound effects to make their gameplay more exciting and creative. Therefore, for each song or music, there is a different code. The code will be used to upload or import that music into the game.  Here on the Roblox Ids hub website, you will get almost every song/music code because we included millions of music IDs in our website database. Just copy the code and import it.

If you have not installed this amazing game yet on your phone, then we recommend you to do it now, because now you can easily find and use every music code from this website! Our team is available to help you if any of the IDs will not work or you face any error. Just mention in the comments or email us, we will help you ASAP! To learn how you can find and use the Roblox Music codes, check the below guide!

Most Searched Artists

Here is the list of most searched Artists Roblox ids. We categorized the music codes according to artists, select your favorite artist below and check their song codes now. All the codes are working and ready to use!

Britney Spears
Avril Lavigne
Ariana Grande 
Bebe Rexha
Bruno Mars 
Christina Aguilera
Ed Sheeran

Where to Find Roblox Music Codes

Now, you need to find the Roblox Song Ids online. There are two simple ways to find the numerical code and use it. The first method is to visit the official Roblox website, locate the audio page, and search for the title of the music, which you want to play. This method requires signing up for the Roblox Account.

The second and recommended method is to search for the Roblox Ids Hub Website then you will see the Search column, Now Simply search for the name or title of the music you want and get the code with any signup. Just Copy the Code, paste it on the boombox and Enjoy!

How to Use Roblox Song Codes

To use the Roblox Music codes, you should have Boombox access. Just open the Roblox official website, login into your account. Now, Click on the Boombox and enter your chosen Music Code Digits. That’s it now you are ready to play the music! Keep in mind, the audio file format should be in MP3 or OGG. Other types of audio formats may not work properly!

Roblox Music CodesUpload Procedure of Roblox Song Ids

Here we have the step-by-step Upload Procedure guide for you. Here are the steps to follow carefully:

  • First, you need to open the Roblox Official website through this Link and Login into your Account. If you do not have an account yet then Sign Up, it is quite simple!
  • Now, when you logged in to your Account, Click on the “Create Icon” option on the top of your Account Page.
  • By Clicking on the Create Icon option, You will now access the Library of Creations. Where you can select the audio!
  • The next step is to click on the Audio “Choose File” option and easily browse & Select the Music File. This process will take seconds only!
  • Now, you selected the audio file, here you should have to click on the “Estimate Price” to see it’s in Game Currency Robux Cost.
  • Finally, after that, you will finalize your purchase by pay for it with Robux.
  • Audio Requirements, Keep in mind that the Audio file will be less than 7 minutes and the file size should be smaller than 19.5 MB.

Audio Configuration

The Audio Configuration options are available for the audio. Users can easily modify or configure the audio as per their needs and requirements. It is recommended for only those users who are creative and experts in editing. Here, follow the steps to configure the Roblox Song Ids.

You can modify the Audio once you upload the file. Just Go the Settings, select the customization page, and configure as per your needs. The page has many options including the  File Name, Genre of your Audio File, Turn Comments on or Off, Description of the Music to explain it, and much more!

The Audio Cost

As You Know, every audio file has a certain cost of Robux. The Robux is an in-game currency and you can add it easily. So, check the Robux Cost for Audio as per Time Duration.

  1. If the Audio Duration is between 0 to 10 Seconds, the Cost will be 20 Robux.
  2. Audio Duration is between 10 to 30 Seconds, the Cost will be 35 Robux.
  3. If the Audio Duration is between 30 Secs to 2 Minutes, the Cost will be 70 Robux.
  4. Audio Duration is between 2 to 7 Minutes, the Cost will be 350 Robux.

The Cost of the Audio is calculated according to your requirements and I think this is reasonable. Just follow us for more content and Roblox Music guides!


The background music and soundtracks will increase the game’s passion and interest.  That’s why we have millions of Roblox Song IDs in our database here.  Explore the website, Search for your desiring music codes and Enjoy!

Roblox game is available for both Android and IOS Operation System, Install it and get music codes from our website. For more Roblox guides, I suggest to enable the browser notifications of our website and stay active! For Suggestions and Queries, comment below, and do not forget to follow us on Social Media. Thank You for Visiting!